As movies are scarce and there’s nothing more to say about the Oscars until they happen, I figure it’s time for a TANGENT POST!! Just another what I’m likin’ right now, just in case you were wondering…

Essie Nail Polish: Literally obsessed. Painted my nails Smokin’ Hot at a friend’s house the other day and I’m hooked. Now my collection as grown to Island Hopping, Sew Psyched, Mink Muffs, Mocachino and about five others… can’t say you weren’t warned…

Gaga’s New Single: Despite what some people think I’m actually a huge Gaga fan. This new song I have to admit is a little bit Express by Madonna and a few bits Vogue by Madonna, but I’m still excited that she has a new single out, and it’s quite danceable if I do say so myself.

Fruit: I’m going through a fruit phase. Strawberries, blueberries, grapes, clementines… give em ALL to me omnomnom. I’m especially a fan of green grapes with cheddar cheese right now. Shrug. It’s yummy.

Vanilla Rooibos Tea Lattes: Call me high maintenance if you will, I won’t deny it, but these are my new favorites. I first discovered rooibos tea when I was in South Africa about five years back (for the second time) and fell in love. There it’s a cure for everything, from headaches to colds to flues to stomach aches, but here it’s a refreshing break from my chai, which I’ve grown a little sick of.

Second Half of Senior Year: When people say senior year is easy they’re not kidding. Loving coasting through this year–and being 18 really is all it’s cracked up to be. Go adults.

Now, to complete the list, we bring ourselves to the prospect of spring. The faster the better.


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