Next week is vacation and since I’m not going to be home I either could be posting a lot, or not at all (probably the former), so I thought I’d fit in at least this one if not another later.

Since I still haven’t seen any new movies, and almost all of the movies out recently look dreadful, I thought I’d do another tangent post, this time about my vaca.

I’m not exactly looking forward to vacation, but I’m not exactly dreading it either. First, we head to Philly…

A patient of the Wills Eye Clinic, I have been to Philadelphia more than almost anyone I know who doesn’t live there. I go every six months to see my eye doctor. I have a coroidal nevus in my left eye, which could potentially be a melanoma spot and so I’ve been watching the spot since I was extremely young. So far it hasn’t changed and it’s not a danger now (nor will it ever be fatal) so please don’t freak out on me. (See that building in the corner?? The one that says hospital?? that’s my doctor!!)

We also will be making a stop in the University of Pennsylvania admissions office–my second visit to the school–to simply say hello, sign in, maybe bribe some admissions officers with cookies or large sums of cash…

Although Philly means a doctor appointment, it also means dinners out! In the winter I have a hard time motivating myself to get dressed up, put on tights and actually look nice to go anywhere. After New Years Eve I’m pretty much done, but with the rising temperature here I have become so much more inspired. About a month ago I went shopping and purchased some fabulous items which have yet to seen the outside of my closet. So I shall be first adorning a backless sweater dress, red tights and nude pumps, and then the next night a sequined L.B.D, with my newly purchased, Nine West (on sale!!) cage booties. They’re probably the most fabulous shoes I own so it’s a bit of an understatement to say I’m excited to wear them.

From there we move on to Ohio. Here is where the less than excellent part of our trip begins. We’ll be visiting my grandparents out in Akron (near Cleveland). Okay, I know, get your Ohio jokes out of your system, but since I’ve been there at least twice a year for my entire life, it’s actually not that bad. Not that there aren’t parts of the state that are middle-of-nowhere-we-have-more-cows-than-people, but Cleveland is actually an amazing city, with one of the most amazing art museums in the country, as well as the best orchestra. My grandfather isn’t doing so well, so we’ll see how this visit goes… Also we have to drive through the never ending state of Pennsylvania to get there so that always is a “fun” time. (Notice how fun was in quotes).

Then we travel back through the never-ending state of Pennsylvania and make a stop in New York. Reader, you may think that because we’re going to New York City, I should be excited–the bright lights, the energy, the people, the fashion, ooh lala!–but no readers, this trip is not about Times Square or Dylan’s Candy Bar or walking around SoHo. My other grandparents live out in the Bronx, and we shall be visiting them in their apartment for an overnight pitstop and then continuing home to Boston. (Weirdly enough that photo below is actually of my grandparents’ apartment building… I found it on google. Technology these days…)

So, there you have it. My vacation in a nutshell, filled with driving, doctors appointments and grandparents, it should be less than exhilarating. The thing pulling me through? My clothes. Beyond the outfits already mentioned, I have a great backless new top from the Gap (very on sale) as well as a great high-waisted, pleated skirt from the Gap as well (…all of my clothes seem to come from the Gap these days…). I am finally going to motivate myself to put on some tights (we’ll see about colors) and look cute for once in my life. Maybe I’ll even through on some earrings (GASP).

Oh, did I mention that I have to read two Shakespeare tragedies over the break? Not that I don’t love William and all (which I do, I adore him), but after two months of reading nothing but, I can’t wait to get back to Chuck Palahniuk, Margaret Atwood and that new collection of short stories Stephen King put out. Come to think of it, I don’t even think it’s new anymore. Sigh.

Your vacations? Spill spill! I’m living vicariously here.


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  1. Sarah Paulson

    I’m going to Florida for vacation! I’m so excited it’s supposed to be in the 80’s there for most of the week!! Just by the way, I visited University of Pennsylvania last spring with my sister and LOVED it (which it sounds like you do too…?). I love the city feel while still being able to identify when you are and aren’t on the campus. Never been to Ohio, but I’m sure there are plenty of things to do, as there are anywhere really. So at the moment I’m putting off studying for a history mid-year test tomorrow, but once that’s over it’s practically vacation!! Hope you have a great time!

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