He’s an ACTOR?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present to you, the new Superman, Henry Cavill!!

Now, my dear readers, as much as this may not surprise you, it is a very surprising fact that Mr. Cavill is in fact, an actor! (Cue gasp).

The movie industry has had horrible luck with Superman–beyond the fact that he’s a super hero from another era, making him a little dated in today’s world, they also have always cast models as the man of steel. Well, they seem to have learned their lesson from those pretty yet horrible model types and have turned to a pretty and yet still talented actor. I first saw Cavill in The Count of Monte Cristo as Edmund Dontes’ son, and then again on the HBO show The Tudors, which is fabulous if you haven’t seen it. It definitely is something to check out. He was interviewed by Entertainment this week (and was featured on the cover). You can check out part of that interview here.

While I’m still not sold on the prospect of Superman, Henry definitely has my attention and I feel a sliver of hope rising for this franchise.


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