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Here and Around

I have been a terrible blogger but the reasons are not dubious–I just finished being a part of my school’s musical in the orchestra, which is more of a time commitment (and pain inducer) than anything I’ve done in while, I am a senior and am currently hearing back from colleges which is driving me friggin’ nuts, and I have not watched any movies. Well, that’s kind of a lie… I’ve watched a view.

The other day I watched Educating Rita with my parents, a take of the Pygmalion story (basically My Fair Lady with no singing) set in England in the 80s. Starring Michael Caine as an alcoholic professor who becomes the tutor of an uneducated but willing Julie Walters (Rita). The movie is overall much sadder and slower than the original story, and even though it has a deceptively happy ending, it really is only so on the surface. The movie is dated, as is the character Rita herself. The music is some of that techno mumbo-jumbo that you expect from the early 80s, which harks back to the disco of the 70s which successfully kills the mood of almost every single scene. In it’s day I think it was a pleasant film, but over the years it’s grown a bit rusty.

That’s about all I have to give right now. It’s still that awkward time in the film industry that’s inbetween the Oscars and the Summer season and so nothing of any real interest has quite appeared (except for maybe Sucker Punch, which unsurprisingly enough has not exactly caught my interest). I’ll keep my eyes open.


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Today, a Hollywood legend passed away. May you rest in peace, Elizabeth Taylor. The movies, the men, the jewels, the beauty… you will be dearly missed.


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I currently am first clarinet in the pit orchestra for my school’s rendition of My Fair Lady. This is why I haven’t been blogging at all since rehearsals go from 4 until 10 every night this week.

I would recommend that you go rent the movie and watch it, except for the fact that it’s the worst movie ever and you shouldn’t watch it. Instead, go rent West Side Story. It’s better.

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It has been an extremely slow period for the movies in the past few months. Usually the time before the Oscars is bad, but not this bad. If you just look what’s out in theaters, your head spins. The number one grossing film this weekend is Hall Pass with a 34% on, and it’s followed by Gnomeo and Juliet, Unknown, and I Am Number Four, none of which ratings exceed 55%.

Shall we look at what’s coming up soon? Red Riding Hood which is a revamp of the traditional fairytale. Although I’m a fan of Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried, I’m a little sick of the whole rehashing of fairy tales, and this one seems to be just on the horizon, there is a whole mob of redone, darker fairy tales heading our way (including the modern telling of Beauty and the Beast film, Beastly). Battle: Las Angeles is an alien movie, which never was my favorite. The last good alien film I saw was Distrcit 9 and that was a rarity. Mars Needs Moms I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to see. I’m not harping on it because it’s a cartoon, trust me, I love cartoons! Pixar is genius, and movies like Up, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles are some of my favorites, but these just look silly.

So what has happened to the movie industry? There’s nothing even on the horizon that I’m looking forward to (except the second installment of the last Harry Potter, but that’s a given) and I’m a movie person! My recommendations to the movies? Well, I have a few.

First, stop putting every movie you think doesn’t have a plot line in 3D. Just because it pops doesn’t mean we want to go see it. 3D should be saved for movies that actually would be better with it. Avatar, for example, I thought was much better in 3D than not, but don’t throw it on films like Clash of the Titans that simply don’t have the plotline or quality to carry it off.

Second, stop with the big budget films. I like big car crashes and shoot ’em up flicks, but the big budget spectacle films have been driven into the ground, and we want to go back to small budget, quality films. Movies like Black Swan or The King’s Speech had significantly lower budgets than the majority of films this year and we all liked them better! Go back to using brilliant screenplays instead of covering up the lack of plausible dialogue with buildings crashing or aliens falling from the sky.

Third, honor those that need to be at the Oscars. I personally believe that David Fincher should have won best director–I think he’s one of, if not the best director working today–but where was Christopher Nolan’s nomination? Inception was nominated, and yet Nolan not nominated for it’s direction? The academy needs to get it together and be honoring the right people. And on that note, the awards definitely need to go back to five best pictures instead of ten. Ten is far too many–even I didn’t see all of them this year, and some of them, while good films, clearly don’t have a chance of winning, so it makes the whole event bloated. Not all of the actors and actresses in the films can be nominated, and neither can the directors. The award show is a mess and honors the wrong people.

There are plenty of other things the film industry could do to revamp itself, and right now, it seriously needs a make over. So, I would recommend that it maybe takes a break from the massive amount of movies being done right now, to take a lull (I didn’t say stop making movies, just maybe make fewer) and rethink it’s direction. We all want you to, please. This is an intervention.


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I’m a bad blogger

The Oscars were a few nights ago and I didn’t do a blog.

The King’s Speech won and I’m angry about that. I don’t think that it deserved to win best picture. I also am extremely mad that David Fincher didn’t win best director.

Other than that, the hosts were horrendous, the dresses were pretty and it was kind of a boring awards show.

Sorry I’m a horrible movie blogger.

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