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I have been a terrible blogger but the reasons are not dubious–I just finished being a part of my school’s musical in the orchestra, which is more of a time commitment (and pain inducer) than anything I’ve done in while, I am a senior and am currently hearing back from colleges which is driving me friggin’ nuts, and I have not watched any movies. Well, that’s kind of a lie… I’ve watched a view.

The other day I watched Educating Rita with my parents, a take of the Pygmalion story (basically My Fair Lady with no singing) set in England in the 80s. Starring Michael Caine as an alcoholic professor who becomes the tutor of an uneducated but willing Julie Walters (Rita). The movie is overall much sadder and slower than the original story, and even though it has a deceptively happy ending, it really is only so on the surface. The movie is dated, as is the character Rita herself. The music is some of that techno mumbo-jumbo that you expect from the early 80s, which harks back to the disco of the 70s which successfully kills the mood of almost every single scene. In it’s day I think it was a pleasant film, but over the years it’s grown a bit rusty.

That’s about all I have to give right now. It’s still that awkward time in the film industry that’s inbetween the Oscars and the Summer season and so nothing of any real interest has quite appeared (except for maybe Sucker Punch, which unsurprisingly enough has not exactly caught my interest). I’ll keep my eyes open.


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