Harry Potter World

This week is Spring Break, and as it’s the last vacation that my entire family will have at the same time, we packed up and headed off to Orlando to experience the Magical World of Harry Potter.

While it wasn’t my idea, I have to admit I’m pretty excited. My blogging will be limited, and I know that it’s been pretty scarce in the past few weeks, but I’ll catch up, I promise!

One disappointment is I overestimated the chic-ness of coming to Orlando, Florida, and as I’ve been restricted to long pants and sweaters, I packed up all of my greatest summer pieces. Tonight I rocked a backless black shirt, simple but classic, and a bright orange skinny cut jean skirt with my favorite pair of Nine West strappy wedges. Engorged in a crowd of shorts and sneakers I felt almost pretentiously overdressed, and while I tried to convince myself that it doesn’t matter, I may tone it down tomorrow. Perhaps sequins and flats? The two balance out, right?

Well tomorrow morning I will don a flowery top and jean shorts, with a pair of flats purchased in Vienna last year. Toned down and yet still a little on the chic side. And of course my newly acquired Versace sunglasses and a sprinkling of mascara.

In movie news, last night I went to see Source Code, which was fantastic. I’ll be doing a full fledged review later, but if you get a chance to, definitely go see it. It’s an action film with heart, and offers a really interesting ending. Jake Gyllenhaal is really good, and the director, Duncan Jones (who happens to be David Bowie’s son) went to College of Wooster, which is where I’m going next year!! So head out and see that. In the mean time….

I’ll be here, rockin’ out to some Harry Potter fanaticism. Oh, and also some intensive notes on Crime and Punishment, which is just some light reading on the psychological effects of a murder in modern Russia. No biggie.


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