Life between the pages

I’ve moved away from film from my past posts, but I don’t care. It’ll probably be like that for a little bit…

The magazines I buy kind of define my life overall.

Entertainment: My weekly dose of slightly trashy movie news. A few steps above Poeple and a whole lotta steps below the New York Times, I actually love this magazine. Movie reviews, Stephen King editorials, What’s hot, what’s not–it’s all there.

Vogue: The bible of fashion, it’s my monthly reminder that I should strive to be classy and fashionable. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Mostly I sit in my room and fantasize about what I could wear if I actually liked my body. I like looking at all of the beautiful women.

Self: No, I am not an exercise junkie, but workouts are a big part of my life, and I have been on a diet since I can remember, so I can usually find a couple of new weight-lifting move or a new recipe.

I’m a three way street of class, trash and health. Guess we all are though.


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