Fast Five

Although I do love films like Jane Eyre where softly spoken English chase each other in the British countryside, struggling with their emotions and relationships, I also have a boy-side to me which loves car chases and explosions and loud music. Which is why today I headed out in the pouring rain to see the fifth Fast and the Furious with my dad.

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel return in the fifth installment in the series, both of them as jacked as ever. Right off the bat, there’s a car chase, depicting the gang breaking Diesel out of a bus headed off to jail. And the movie continues from there. Rotating around the fact that they are all fugitives now, running from the law and in need of cash, the film actually morphs into a high action heist film, along the lines of Ocean’s 11. Dwayne Johnson plays the federal agent, more like bounty hunter, chains them through Brazil as they attempt to take down the head of Brazil’s crime and drug ring. He plays the role well, a mix of tough but good humored, and is more built up than I’ve ever see him before in a film.

The movie is completely car chase based, and so this on a small screen is a big no-no. The characters are static as best, and the movie works because the sentimental and emotional moments are kept to a minimum. The car chases aren’t too long, and the final one (which I won’t spoil) is extremely worth-while. Overall, a very solid car chase/heist film.

So, I look forward to the future and Fast Six, which after the credits they set up nicely with the return of Letty (Diesel’s girlfriend, or something like that, who can remember what happened in the first movie…) who was presumed dead.Vroom vroom.


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