Movie Fest

As it’s been raining nearly perpetually since last Sunday, this past weekend was a movie-packed one. While I hope that the sun finally comes out and I get to sit out in my backyard reading for hours on end, it was a nice opportunity to catch up on some great new releases.

Everything Must Go: Starring Will Ferrell, this movie is based on a short story, and follows events after an alcoholic loses his job and his wife leaves him. Turned out to the street, he meets some new people, confronts some of his struggles and eventually sells all of his material possessions. Although we all know Ferrell as the hilarious man in Elf and countless others, he actually does a fantastic job in this movie, and plays the role entirely strait. If you’ve ever seen Stranger than Fiction, while the movie is completely different, his character is played rather similarly. The movie is a great little slice of life, and an extremely well done film. All of the characters are completely realistic and very well developed, and the ending is fantastic. Overall, definitely recommended.

Something Borrowed: I saw this movie on Saturday night after a few hours of birthday shopping and hanging out with a friend who then had to leave, after not wanting to go home immediately. I had very low expectations, so it actually was better than I expected, but it still wasn’t good. It follows the ridiculous plot line of Kate Hudson’s best friend sleeping with her fiance, them being in love, and the deceptive situations they have to create. Although it’s a comedy, there isn’t really anything truly funny about the situation, and even though they try to make you forget about the cheating and lying with some laughs it’s not actually that funny of a subject. Kate Hudson’s character is absolutely awful, and you wonder why anyone would want to be friends with her, never mind marry her, which they seem to want you to forget because she’s played by Hudson, but her annoying qualities persist. Jon Krasinski plays one of Gennifer Goodwin’s friends and he’s actually hilarious, really the only good part of the movie. If you’re bored on a rainy day, I’d say why not, but definitely not on the top of my list.

Bridesmaids: Kristen Wiig is hysterical. If you’ve never seen her on SNL then you’ve really missed some extremely funny sh….stuff. A movie that is written AND stars her? Fantastic. The movie is laugh out loud funny start to finish. Wiig does an absolutely fantastic job, her peak probably when she becomes drugged out on an airplane for a good fifteen minutes, ending in her screaming that there’s a Colonial woman on the plane’s wing and that there’s something that “they’re not telling us”. Jon Hamm plays her asshole boyfriend and does it absolutely perfectly, making you realize how great he really is on Mad Men as Don Draper. The movie is absolutely hysterical and if you’re looking for a great comedy I would turn to this one first.

If the weather is as awful as it is here, I hope that it improves, and go hide from the rain in a movie theater. If not, go outside and read a book, take a walk. Then rent it later.


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