…and getting caught in the rain…

I avoided this post for a really on time. Partly because I think they’re boring sometimes, and partly because it’s been 40 degrees and rainy and hasn’t felt like summer at all. But today I got my first sunburn sitting my backyard (while I took an accidental nap….). So, here goes!

The Hangover II: To be honest I have very low expectations for this, but it’s supposed to be essentially the exact same movie as the first which I thought was hysterical, so we’ll see how that goes. This time the disaster takes place in Bangkok. I’ll probably see this this weekend, so look forward to that review.

The Tree of Life: I also will probably see this movie this weekend, so it’ll be a double post. This movie looks weird and very artsy, but looks like one of those must-see type of films. Starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, it’s very difficult to tell what this movie is about. As the first movie from director Maleck in some-odd 20 years, it had huge anticipations and seems to have gotten some pretty good press so far.

X-Men: First Class: Okay, I know I’m a dork, or whatever, but I could not be more exited for this movie. I LOVE X-men movies (it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure for me), and this one stars January Jones (love), James Macavoy (love) and Michael Fassbender (who in case you weren’t notified/don’t read my blog at all, IS my future husband because I’m so in love with him). Based on cast alone, beyond my sort of random love of X-men films I would see this.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:Part II: There really isn’t much to say on why I want to see this. This is the ultimate summer film, a coup rather. It’s so exciting, and yet extremely sad. Even though I’m a complete book fan of the series, the movie did elongate the ability to have that adrenaline feeling everytime there was a new one. Even though it’s ending, I’m SO beyond excited for this movie. Since the first part of the last movie was so good I hope that this one lives up to expectations. It’s possible I’ll be in Germany for this movie, which means I get to see it a week before everyone else in the States!!

Friends with Benefits: This movie is No Strings Attached which Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. Eh, whatever. Looks cute, I like rom coms, let’s do it.

Cowboys and Aliens: How can you NOT be excited for this movie? The drama, the hilarity, Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford!? To be honest the previews are a little serious for me, but I’m hoping that the movie has a sense of humor and is done tongue-and-cheek because otherwise it’s going to be horrifically boring.

Crazy, Stupid, Love: It doesn’t have a great preview, but it has an amazing cast and anything that involves Emma Stone I’m there for (major major girl crush). Another rom-com I’m hoping will come through. I’ve recently realized there aren’t a lot of great ones around…

The Change-Up: Again not a great preview, but I try not to let that influence my decision until reviews actually come out. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, about two men that switch bodies, it could be good if done well, and could be horrible if even slightly off. We’ll see. It’s a risk.

There’s always a million more movies I end up seeing because I go see all of those indie films that no one else will ever see, ever and has never even heard of. But so far these are the big names that have caught my attention. What do you plan on seeing this summer?


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