Bon Voyage!

Well, I’m off! Wish be a good trip (or not, but you know, I’d prefer if you did…).

I am donning a black strapless romper for the airplane, which I think is fairly appropriate with a bright pink sweater thrown over for good measure. Yes?

ALSO I have discovered the power of rolling your clothes to pack instead of folding. oh. mah. gawd. Believe it people, this is the future of packing. And by future I mean I hadn’t discovered it before even though it’s been around for years and so it is the future of MY packing. Maybe yours. Shrug.

Well, I go now to Berlin. Home of techno and the wonderland of clubbing. And the Berlin Wall and all of that nonsense. Just kidding. I’m excited for it all.

Then to Nuremberg. There were some trials there but mostly I’m excited for the cookies that they make there. We eat them at Christmas.

Then to Munich where the beer gardens abound. I’m visiting family there. I’m pretty excited.

I’m taking German next year! Just got back from College of Wooster and I LAHHV it. Got a very funny t-shirt which exclaims that Wooster is not in Massachusetts (idiots). I’m a fan. I actually placed out of language (WOOT WOOT) so if I want/start to fail/hate German beyond belief I can drop it and not worry! I’m also taking an Intro to Global History, an English 120 course called Life as Narrative, as well as a freshman seminar that’s basically an art history class. Science? Math? What are those? …but really.

Wish me luck not killing myself on the plane after an 11 hour drive back from Ohio. Why would anyone ever let me apply to college there? It’s so friggin’ FAR AWAY.

Oh well. It’s pretty.

And they’re hiding all the cute straight boys in the midwest, in case you were confused about where they all are.


Oh by the way, vaguely related to movies,media, blah whatever, the UK versions of Skins is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend it. Not that US trash, that’s nonsense. But go watch teens with British accents drink and have sex. It’s the accents that make it okay, I promise.

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