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Recently, I arrived at the College of Wooster as a freshman. I have spent the past six days at marching band rehearsals (nine hours a day, at the least, if you must know), and the past day in grueling orientation speeches, introducing myself to countless people whose names I have the hardest time remembering (I swear I am going to be sick of my own name by the end of this… maybe I’ll make up different identities for everyone I intro myself to… tomorrow I’ll be Henry from Peru, I think).

Needless to say, I have not blogged. I didn’t blog because I was in Germany, scouring the club scene of Berlin, dancing endlessly into the night in the techno capital of the world. I didn’t blog because I was in North Carolina, spending drunken nights playing cornhole with locals and good friends. I didn’t blog because I was packing and overwhelmed, spending the last few days of my time at home running around to Starbucks and spending my parents money before I couldn’t anymore.

Now I’m not blogging because I’m at college, in Ohio. To be honest, the tenor of the blog will have to change. To what, I haven’t quite decided yet. Movies are no longer a regular occurrence in my life, especially new ones. So, will I change to only old movies, or will I simply change my blog all together? Who knows.

Anyone got a preference?



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