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He’s an ACTOR?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present to you, the new Superman, Henry Cavill!!

Now, my dear readers, as much as this may not surprise you, it is a very surprising fact that Mr. Cavill is in fact, an actor! (Cue gasp).

The movie industry has had horrible luck with Superman–beyond the fact that he’s a super hero from another era, making him a little dated in today’s world, they also have always cast models as the man of steel. Well, they seem to have learned their lesson from those pretty yet horrible model types and have turned to a pretty and yet still talented actor. I first saw Cavill in The Count of Monte Cristo as Edmund Dontes’ son, and then again on the HBO show The Tudors, which is fabulous if you haven’t seen it. It definitely is something to check out. He was interviewed by Entertainment this week (and was featured on the cover). You can check out part of that interview here.

While I’m still not sold on the prospect of Superman, Henry definitely has my attention and I feel a sliver of hope rising for this franchise.


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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Okay, so I don’t really want to do a formal review of Harry Potter because it’s Harry Potter. So there’s your reasoning for going to see it. But I’ll do some bullet points and comments.

I think this is the best HP movie so far–and I’m not just saying that. The cinematography is absolutely fantastic. It scares the shit of you, but also makes you cry. From the very beginning until the very end I was sitting at the end of my chair, waiting. I even knew what was going to happen and it was still just as exciting and riveting as when I read the book.

The acting has gotten so much better from past movies. I am very anti-Daniel Radcliffe (in the books Harry has this great sense of humor and is actually funny and likeable while in the movies he comes off as an idiot asshole who is too stiff and serious) but I actually didn’t mind him in this. Emma Watson is fantastic as always, and so is Rupert Grint. All the adults are always amazing. The Malfoy family is a particular favorite of mine–they all do such a great job portraying the pathetic, weak and frightened nature of each character. Another of my absolute favorites: Ralph Fiennes. I have become overwhelmingly obsessed with this brilliant actor. In real life, he looks like this:

Let’s be real here, he’s absolutely gorgeous. In the movies, he looks like this:

Okay, so not gorgeous, but absolutely fantastic. The way that Fiennes plays Voldemort is brilliant. His very soothing, soft, calm voice makes him that much more frightening when he does something evil. I also always pictured Voldemort that way–although he is the dark lord, he is a brilliant wizard, and an incredibly intelligent man, especially to have done what he has with his followers, etc. I was worried that whoever took on the role would behave like a raving lunatic, angry and violent, but Fiennes does it perfectly: calm, thoughtful, brilliant and ever so frightening. I watched Schindler’s List not but a week ago, and although I had seen Fiennes in the HP movies, and also in various other random roles (The Reader, The Constant Gardener) I had never seen him in such a role, and he did it brilliantly. So, new actor obsession? I think you can guess.

So I think those are all of my comments. It’s brilliant and you should definitely go see it right now. Also, you shouldn’t see it if you haven’t read the books because that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Also, if you’re on twitter, I recommend following @lord_voldemort7. I don’t know who he is, but he’s absolutely HYSTERICAL. And if you’re in the mood, you should follow me!! @mskatrinagray. Hope to see you folks there 🙂

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Tony Curtis, Rest In Peace

I’m not big on celebrity deaths, because usually when a celebrity dies it’s everywhere–everyone knows about it and there’s no need to comment, but considering that this time it’s one of my all time favorite actors, there definitely is need.

Last night, Tony Curtis passed away at the age of 85 of a heart attack. Curtis was one of the best, truly a terrific actor, and this news made me so sad.

I did a post on my favorites of his a while back, and you can see it here.

I’m truly devastated by this loss. Tony Curtis, you will be missed.

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Featured Actor… Tony Curtis

Seeing as today is Tony Curtis’ birthday, I thought I would do a post on him. Tony Curtis is one of my favorite actors, and although I’ve talked about Sweet Smell of Success and briefly mentioned Some Like it Hot I can’t believe I have yet to do a post on him! So here goes.

Trapeze – starring in this film with Burt Lancaster (another great–I swear my dad has a crush on him), this movie is about two trapeze artists’ and a little chunk of their life. As legend is passed from one artist to the next, it explores the dynamics between old and new, the transfer of power so to speak. I remember it being a fun movie, a lot of great circus shots.

Sweet Smell of Success – I did a review of this film before, and it’s one of my favorites. Also starring with Burt Lancaster, the dialogue is quick, witty and sharp. It’s excellently executed. A film filled with dark, malicious characters, it’s a simply unparalleled film in it’s literary functions. An absolute must see.

Some Like It Hot — I also did a review of this film earlier. It’s simply great. It’s a really funny movie with Marilyn Monroe and Lack Lemmon, it’s really just a great, feel good film. There’s no much to say. Another must see. And who can hate a movie with the fabulous Marilyn in it?

The Great Race – When I was younger this was one of my favorite movies, and it’s still fun. It’s a silly film, also starring Jack Lemmon, and Natalie Wood. It really is kind of silly, but it has some laughs. A great watch for a rainy day, or a day you need to a good pick-me up. I always find that no matter what Jack Lemmon can lift my spirits.

Although it may seem like I don’t have a lot to say about Mr. Curtis, it’s actually more that I don’t really know how to describe his movies. He’s a really phenomenal actor–he goes from sparkling clean car driver, to malicious scum in New York, to a man dressing as a woman and another man, to a trapeze artist. And he plays them all convincingly and fantastically. Overall, terrific (and easy on the eyes :P). Happy Birthday Tony!

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Featured Actor: Alan Rickman

At the request of a friend (a fellow Harry Potter addict) I’m doing this post on Alan Rickman, an actor both of us have a weak spot for. So besides the Harry Potter films (…which I could rant about for paragraphs and how they disappoint me and yet I am obsessed with them at the same time because I can never get enough Harry Potter) we will move on to some of Rickman’s other films.\

Sense and Sensibility — I love this movie. As a huge fan of Jane Austen and a not huge fan of Keira Knightley I find myself not favoring the new version of Pride and Prejudice, and so to feed by Austen fetish I turn to this movie. Starring Rickman, Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson (love her) and Hugh Grant it’s just a great film. Although I must admit that there is a slight issue with the plot line, something left out from the book that makes the movie’s plot a little awkward, the scenery is beautiful, the acting great, the emotions fervent and the romance high.

Love Actually — This is one of my all time favorite movies. I love how the stories intertwine, the highs and lows in emotions, I love that it’s funny and sad and sweet and tragic all at once. I love the people in it, and I love the whole thing. It makes you laugh and cry at the same time. I watch this movie at least twice every holiday spirit. Even though it does have a Christmas theme, it really can be watched anytime, as it should be.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe — I didn’t actually really like this film that much, and after reading the book I realized how bad it really was, but Rickman is hilarious as the voice of the sadistic, misanthropic robot. Although a small role, it is really well done.

Sweeney Todd — I loved this movie. I thought it was fantastic. Though, I do recommend that after watching it you look up the Sondheim musical because the original is actually really funny (though I do think that the Burton sadistic twist on it is great), it’s really interesting to see the original and how funny the concept of a murdering barber really is! Depp is fantastic, and with Burton’s usual band of cohorts (Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, etc) it’s a great movie. The music is fantastic (anything by Sondheim is great), and the story is fantastically dark. The dichotomy between the humor of the situation and the raw emotion that entangles itself in the relationship between Todd and Mrs Lovett. A definite must see.

Although these are all of the movies I’ve seen with Alan Rickman I’m sure there are many more good ones. And who cares if the film is actually decent or not when you have his voice to listen to?

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Featured Actor: James Stewart

Today is Jimmy Stewart’s birthday! And in honor of this day, I thought I would feature him since he’s a fantastic actor. So, shall we go in chronological order?

It’s a Wonderful Life — In my house this is a Christmas staple. Always is this watched during the Holiday season, and although over the years we’ve discovered some flaws, overall it really is a fantastic movie. Stewart gives a simply moving performance. Despite the kind of tacked-on happy ending, it’s really quite a sad story. The father of some classic scenes (lassoing the moon) it’s a classic and an all time favorite of mine. Just remember that every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!

The Shop Around the Corner — This movie is kind of a hidden gem. The story of two lovers who connect through snail-mail in Budapest, it’s a really cute story. There are some really touching moments, while it’s also light-hearted at points. It’s a great watch, a classic Stewart role.

Harvey — To be honest I haven’t seen this film in quite some time, but I remember loving it! The tale of a man with an imaginary bunny named Harvey, I remember it being quite funny. A definite classic. A must-add to your Netflix list.

Rear Window –Some of you might recognize the story line from the recent movie Disturbia, only it’s about a billion times better. This film is great. As Stewart watches from his back window the lives of his neighbors, he witnesses… well, what exactly does he witness? A Hitchcock staple as well as a Stewart classic, this movie kills two birds with one stone.

Vertigo — Also a Hitchcock classic, this movie really is just one of those staples of American film. Not that this has anything to do with the film, but I remember while watching it that Stewart’s features, for whatever reason, give the appearance of being in a painting–his blue eyes and graying hair so very pastelled that they seem as if painted. Not really relevant, just interesting.The story is really interesting, compelling and creepy in a way only Hitchcock can me.

The Flight of the Pheonix — The startling tale of a plane that crashes in the Sahara Desert and the survivors plans to escape, I also haven’t seen this one recently (I can’t have watched them all recently, who do we think I am?). But I remember it being really interesting, and as you can tell, I’m a big Stewart fan.

Although I’ve only seen these (….which yeah, I’ll admit is a lot) there are a lot of other great Jimmy Stewart films. If you click here! you can get a full list! I just thought I’d help you out by pulling out the goodies 🙂 I think I’m officially back to blogging to look forward to some consistent posts from me in the weeks to come. I hope you’re all excited for the summer movie season because I am!

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Featured Actor… Natalie Wood

I think this is going to become popular on this blog, since I don’t have time to watch a lot of new movies, and coming up with reviews for them takes a lot of time and effort. This way, I can cover a lot more ground in a shorter amount of time! So, here it is, ladies and gentlemen, Natalie Wood.

Miracle On 34th Street 1947, although only nine years old in the role, I find Wood brilliant as the little girl who doesn’t believe in Santa Clause. This fantastic holiday favorite is definitely a must see, for all ages. Wood is brilliant in the beginning stages of her acting career, and it makes you really want to believe in a real Santa.

West Side Story 1961, probably one of my favorite musicals ever, this film is a great representation of the broadway play. The music, by Bernstein and Sondheim is fantastic, and the Jerome Robbins choreography is brilliant, and fantastically fun. A great movie all around. Fun, and sad all in one, this is a must see for all.

Love With The Proper Stranger 1963, this romantic film starring Wood and Steve McQueen (dreamy) is very well acted. Although sad, this film has a happy ending. Not sappy, but still romantic, this is one of my favorite movies.

The Great Race 1965, this comedy is simply fun and random. I still love to watch this movie as much as I did when I was ten. This film really is funny, and with a cast including Wood, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis how could you not like it?

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