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It has been an extremely slow period for the movies in the past few months. Usually the time before the Oscars is bad, but not this bad. If you just look what’s out in theaters, your head spins. The number one grossing film this weekend is Hall Pass with a 34% on, and it’s followed by Gnomeo and Juliet, Unknown, and I Am Number Four, none of which ratings exceed 55%.

Shall we look at what’s coming up soon? Red Riding Hood which is a revamp of the traditional fairytale. Although I’m a fan of Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried, I’m a little sick of the whole rehashing of fairy tales, and this one seems to be just on the horizon, there is a whole mob of redone, darker fairy tales heading our way (including the modern telling of Beauty and the Beast film, Beastly). Battle: Las Angeles is an alien movie, which never was my favorite. The last good alien film I saw was Distrcit 9 and that was a rarity. Mars Needs Moms I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to see. I’m not harping on it because it’s a cartoon, trust me, I love cartoons! Pixar is genius, and movies like Up, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles are some of my favorites, but these just look silly.

So what has happened to the movie industry? There’s nothing even on the horizon that I’m looking forward to (except the second installment of the last Harry Potter, but that’s a given) and I’m a movie person! My recommendations to the movies? Well, I have a few.

First, stop putting every movie you think doesn’t have a plot line in 3D. Just because it pops doesn’t mean we want to go see it. 3D should be saved for movies that actually would be better with it. Avatar, for example, I thought was much better in 3D than not, but don’t throw it on films like Clash of the Titans that simply don’t have the plotline or quality to carry it off.

Second, stop with the big budget films. I like big car crashes and shoot ’em up flicks, but the big budget spectacle films have been driven into the ground, and we want to go back to small budget, quality films. Movies like Black Swan or The King’s Speech had significantly lower budgets than the majority of films this year and we all liked them better! Go back to using brilliant screenplays instead of covering up the lack of plausible dialogue with buildings crashing or aliens falling from the sky.

Third, honor those that need to be at the Oscars. I personally believe that David Fincher should have won best director–I think he’s one of, if not the best director working today–but where was Christopher Nolan’s nomination? Inception was nominated, and yet Nolan not nominated for it’s direction? The academy needs to get it together and be honoring the right people. And on that note, the awards definitely need to go back to five best pictures instead of ten. Ten is far too many–even I didn’t see all of them this year, and some of them, while good films, clearly don’t have a chance of winning, so it makes the whole event bloated. Not all of the actors and actresses in the films can be nominated, and neither can the directors. The award show is a mess and honors the wrong people.

There are plenty of other things the film industry could do to revamp itself, and right now, it seriously needs a make over. So, I would recommend that it maybe takes a break from the massive amount of movies being done right now, to take a lull (I didn’t say stop making movies, just maybe make fewer) and rethink it’s direction. We all want you to, please. This is an intervention.



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I’m a bad blogger

The Oscars were a few nights ago and I didn’t do a blog.

The King’s Speech won and I’m angry about that. I don’t think that it deserved to win best picture. I also am extremely mad that David Fincher didn’t win best director.

Other than that, the hosts were horrendous, the dresses were pretty and it was kind of a boring awards show.

Sorry I’m a horrible movie blogger.

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The Oscars are this Sunday (finally) and so I will finish up my post on Best Pictures. I’ll pick up on them starting 1977. Here goes.

1977: Annie Hall: We all love Woody Allen, right? The nerdy, goofy, comical, very Jewish New Yorker. And Diane Keaton? She’s great too. This film is definitely Allen’s masterpiece in my opinion. It’s a great “rom com” also, and one that should be seen by all, but a best picture? Looking at what else was out that year, it was a good choice–the script really is fantastic and it truly is the pinnacle of Woody Allen films.

1979: Kramer vs. Kramer: This is a truly fantastic film. Starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep, it’s the story of a couple struggling over custody of their young son, and the growth of the relationship between the son and his father, Hoffman. Both Hoffman and Streep give expert performances, and it’s extremely moving. Recommended and deserving.

1982: Gandhi: I understand why this film won, and I don’t think it’s undeserving because it is a well acted and directed movie, but overall I think it’s too long, leading to it being rather boring at stretches. I wouldn’t take away it’s Oscar, but it definitely is not my favorite film, although a classic so it should be seen.

1988: Rain Man: This movie, Oscar winning or not, is a must see. Dustin Hoffman gives one of the most amazing performances I think ever given by an actor. The relationship between him and his brother, played by Tom Cruise, is one so moving and realistic that I don’t think I’ve really ever seen paralleled in a film. Hoffman’s performance is truly remarkable–he never breaks character, and portrays his character’s autism with realism and justice. A fantastic film, definitely deserving of it’s award.

1991: The Silence of the Lambs: Beyond this movie’s greatness, it is such a source of pop culture reference that it’s impossible not to see as a film lover. On top of that, it does happen to be a great film. Good performances by all–creepy, but not scary per se. Definitely a mental thriller, entertaining and yet still intelligent.

1993: Schindler’s List: I’m actually a pretty big fan of this film. Although it is very long, I think that it definitely carries it off. It handles the situation extremely well, portrays all of the people in a correct light, is well acted and well written. Ralph Fiennes gives a stunning performance as a Nazi officer, in love with a Jewish woman, sending him into a rage of massive proportions. It’s a terrific film, except for the last scene. I won’t spoil it, but Liam Neeson’s last performance as Schindler is so out of character that it almost ruins the rest of the film. A must see, and deserving of it’s title, but is flawed.

1994: Forrest Gump: I think I’m probably the only person in America who doesn’t like this film. Getting to the point, I think that Tom Hanks breaks character frequently and that really bothers me. I also think that the screenplay is fantastical and cheesy. I don’t hate the film, but I also don’t like it. Especially as Shawshank Redemption was out the same year, I have to give that my vote.

1997: Titanic: And here comes the big one. I knew we’d get here, and I think that it’s finally time that I came out with the truth: I am probably one of the biggest Titanic haters that lives in the world today. I hate Leonardo DiCaprio in his heart throb roles, and I think as he’s aged he has become a better actor, but when younger was horrendous. I like Kate Winslet in almost everything she’s done except for this because I think she got too romantic and fluffy in the role and her character is completely unlikable and annoying. I think the script is mediocre. It’s way too long and has very long boring stretches. The music makes me want to vomit, especially that horrendous song I can barely speak of, “My Heart Will Go On”. Overall? Least favorite movie of all time. I don’t care what anyone says I will never change my mind and I will never be able to fully respect those that hold this film dear. I hope that I never have to bring this subject up again.

1998: Shakespeare in Love: I love this movie, but I don’t think it deserved best picture. I think the acting is good, and the script is wonderful–it’s quick and witty, and if you really know your Shakespeare is extremely well done with rather obscure references and jokes that a Shakespeare lover understands. But underneath this lies a romantic comedy, a fantastic one, yet one not quite deserving of its title.

2000: Gladiator: If you haven’t seen this film you have to go out right now and rent it. It’s well acted, well scripted, extremely entertaining, with great set pieces and fantastic music. Although maybe not an “intellectual” film, it was extremely well done, very historically accurate and, again, extremely entertaining. I think it’s deserving and recommended.

2003: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: I’m conflicted about this film. I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan (more of the movies than the books, though I’ve read them), and think that all three of the films are extremely well done. The sets are absolutely fantastic, as are the costumes. It was well cast and acted, and the music is some of my favorite. Overall, I think that the first movie was probably the best, and I’m not quite sure why they felt that the third one should win best picture. I’m not opposed to it, it just confuses me a little. Sometimes I think that a movies grandeur and profit definitely factor into it’s winning, and although I’m realistic about it, sometimes I think it shouldn’t. But I definitely recommend it, along with the other two films, and think that it was a good movie.

2004: Million Dollar Baby: As great a movie as this was, I think that perhaps this was a little bit of a “we owe you an Oscar” Oscar to Clint Eastwood. But I’m not complaining. A very moving film about a female boxer and her relationship with her trainer starring Eastwood and Hillary Swank, it was an extremely well written film. Very sad and very good.

2005: Crash: This film was good, but I am a firm believer that Brokeback Mountain should have won that year. Crash though I do recommend–a film with multiple stories that all intertwine, most of them are simply heart breaking. A recommended film that I think in any other year should have won, but in this year I had conflicting interests.

2008: Slumdog Millionaire: I really liked this film–even though it was sad, it was very “feel good” and I enjoyed the plot and music a lot, but I don’t think it was a best picture. I think that it was chosen as best picture partly because of a lack of anything else and partly because of its subject matter. A little hint, the academy loves those that overcome things (which is why Christian Bale, beyond the fact that he did a magnificent job, is going to win best supporting actor this year). Recommended, not deserving.

Would you believe it if I said that I hadn’t seen The Hurt Locker? Unbelievable, I know, but I haven’t. I’ll definitely be sure to get on that. Tonight I say 127 Hours though and so will definitely be doing a post on that soon.

I suppose that overall a best picture has to fulfill a certain mindset in order to truly feel like it deserves it’s title. I know that that shouldn’t factor in, but in my mind there is a certain grandeur to a best picture beyond what your run of the mill indie film can achieve. There definitely is a big budget aspect to the whole thing, and while it doesn’t necessarily have to have the biggest budget or make the most money (Avatar’s loss being proof of that last year), it definitely has to have a certain social standing in the history of the film in order to truly be deserving, I think, of it’s title.

Who will win this year? My money is probably on The King’s Speech even though I don’t necessarily think that this was truly the best picture. I think that The Social Network would be a fine deservor, and if nothing else David Fincher should most definitely win best director.

Tune in Sunday with me as we watch the winners role out.

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As movies are scarce and there’s nothing more to say about the Oscars until they happen, I figure it’s time for a TANGENT POST!! Just another what I’m likin’ right now, just in case you were wondering…

Essie Nail Polish: Literally obsessed. Painted my nails Smokin’ Hot at a friend’s house the other day and I’m hooked. Now my collection as grown to Island Hopping, Sew Psyched, Mink Muffs, Mocachino and about five others… can’t say you weren’t warned…

Gaga’s New Single: Despite what some people think I’m actually a huge Gaga fan. This new song I have to admit is a little bit Express by Madonna and a few bits Vogue by Madonna, but I’m still excited that she has a new single out, and it’s quite danceable if I do say so myself.

Fruit: I’m going through a fruit phase. Strawberries, blueberries, grapes, clementines… give em ALL to me omnomnom. I’m especially a fan of green grapes with cheddar cheese right now. Shrug. It’s yummy.

Vanilla Rooibos Tea Lattes: Call me high maintenance if you will, I won’t deny it, but these are my new favorites. I first discovered rooibos tea when I was in South Africa about five years back (for the second time) and fell in love. There it’s a cure for everything, from headaches to colds to flues to stomach aches, but here it’s a refreshing break from my chai, which I’ve grown a little sick of.

Second Half of Senior Year: When people say senior year is easy they’re not kidding. Loving coasting through this year–and being 18 really is all it’s cracked up to be. Go adults.

Now, to complete the list, we bring ourselves to the prospect of spring. The faster the better.

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What I’m Diggin’

With the Oscars coming up, there are a million movies I’m planning to see, but movies are nearly the last thing on my mind right now.

The Prospect of Summer: I know that the summer months are far from here, but being a now second-semester senior in high school, all I can think of is graduation and the vacation lull before college. Even though I don’t know where I’m going yet, the general idea of college is hanging in the distance and I can not wait for it to get closer. It’ll be my last summer in North Carolina as a high schooler, and even though my sister won’t be attending this year (because of her stupid camp) I can not wait to get back to the Outer Banks–laying on the beach, island food at night, watching surfers, and reading. Please please come sooner.

Snow Days: And so comes the bitter irony. So far, we have had three snow days and they have been days of pure bliss and relaxation. While I detest the snow, here’s hoping for another day off.

Shakespeare: Ah yes, the master himself. Right now, we’re reading the tragedies and I love it. The rich, sensual yet formal nature of the diction, the classic characters and story-lines, and the beautiful prose make me swoon. Even though some I’ve read, included in this are Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear, and Richard IV. I might throw in a few of my own, who knows!

Prom Dresses: Prom is months away, with the excitement is already building. Who doesn’t want to wear the perfect prom dress? I’ve begun the search, but only kind of in my mind. Ordering dresses online has never really worked for me, and so even though I search there, I’m going to have to drag my ass to a store and actually try them on.

The winter is slowly killing me, and these things are only barely pulling me through the icy days. Here’s hoping for something other than clouds and sleet.

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It’s almost that time again…

It is almost that time of year–the time of year that every movie aficionado waits for, every fashionista loves, and every one who likes to watch stars make fools of themselves adores–OSCAR TIME!

Although the Oscars aren’t until March, the nominations have been announced. You can see a full of list the nominees here! really has become one of my favorite websites, it’s fantastic.

I’m not sure who should win for anything to be honest. Social Network won best picture at the Golden Globes, but the awards don’t really correlate, and The King’s Speech has won best picture as some of the awards that are said to directly correlate to the Oscars, so who knows. Black Swan was a fantastic film, but I don’t think it will win. I think the fight is really between The King’s Speech, The Social Network and maybe True Grit, although, that would be a bit of an upset.

I think that Colin Firth will probably win best actor, but Jeff Bridges was terrific. James Franco was said to be very good also in 127 Hours, which I haven’t seen, but I feel as though he’s a bit of an underdog.

Natalie Portman should win for Black Swan, hands down. There really is no one else who I would put ahead of her at all.

I also think that Christian Bale should win the Oscar for The Fighter. He won the Golden Globe, and I think the race is between him and Geoffrey Rush, although Rush has already won some Oscars and I think overall Bale did give a better performance.

Director is up in the air… no idea, as are the screenplay ones. As far as best animated film, I have to say Toy Story 3 has to win, I’m not really sure how it can’t.

I guess those are really all the ones I have opinions about. The makeup ones are always kind of random, and the music ones seem to always be given to those who I think they shouldn’t be, so I won’t even go there.

Alright, well, get excited! I’ll be keeping you updated on all things Oscar-related. And to those of you who are award show haters, why?? I don’t understand why people get angry or upset when the movie they want to win doesn’t–obviously I’d rather have the one I like to win, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the clothes, the hosts and the hype.

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Red Carpet

So here’s a random smattering of dresses. I always did think the clothes were better than the actual awards.

Angelina’s dress was beyond perfect. From the backless-ness, to the color, to the sparkle, I could not have been more in love. I can not emphasize enough how perfect I think the color is. Such lust.


Halle Berry’s body is to DIE for, and this dress does a great job showing it off. I like the multiple fabrics, and also the bodice. Overall, gorgeous.

Claire Danes. How perfect did she look. The dress was flawless–simple, yet the color completely popped. The style was so elegant, and yes sexy with the back, or lack there of. Her hair was simple, but complimentary, and the her cuff was beautiful. Probably in my top 5 of the night.

All I have to say is Tilda Swinton is an alien.

Tina Fey! Her dress was very normal, and pretty and I was proud of her for wearing something that didn’t look like an umbrella (coughcoughLASTYEARcough). Overall, good job, Tina.

I think Christina Hendricks is gorgeous–from her voluptuous body, to her fiery hair, and fierce personality on Mad Men, she’s absolutely fabulous. This dress, however, is not. It completely takes over her body and looks like it’s wearing her. That thing on her shoulder?? Take that away and we’re in business. I definitely admire when red heads wear red dresses–who said they clash?

Michelle Williams is beautiful but this entire look is a disaster. I don’t like the pixie cut–I think she looks far better with long hair. And the dress is a nightmare. The color flushes her out, the print is far too cutesy for me, and the ruffles on the side make her look wide. Fail.

I’m not the biggest fan of Meghan Fox, actually I kind of hate her, but I have to admit this dress is really pretty. The color is really nice, and the bodice of it is great–the stripes and sparkles make it really different and yet not quite funky. Good job.

Yikes! Yikes yikes!! Christina Aguilera looks like she’s gained a lot of weight, and absolutely no judgment, but it also looks like she hasn’t really compensated for it with her dress. Her boobs are falling out, she looks uncomfortable and squished–overall not good.

Sandra Bullock’s hair was a NIGHTMARE MESS, but her dress was so pretty. Love the embroidery, the fall and the color. Terrific.

I have the biggest girl crush on Emma Stone, but I think she looks really weird with blonde hair. It looks far better brown or red. And to be honest, this dress doesn’t help. With the hair, flesh colored lips and flesh colored body she is so washed out in this dress. I love you, but this was not good.

My biggest question of the night: why is your dress in your necklace? That’s all.

Okay, so my mom thinks this is the sluttiest dress ever, and I have to agree that it’s not the classiest, but January Jones is the most perfect looking person on the planet. If anyone can pull this off, it’s her. So maybe it’s not the BEST dress, but her hair is perfect, her body is stunning, the color on her is fantastic, and to be honest? I love it.

The star of the night! Natalie Portman looked stunning. Her dress was perfect–the flower is beautiful and a great accent to her baby bump (so cute). Her hair is perfect, her necklace gorgeous–overall, beautiful.

Helena Bonham Carter is one of my favorites. I think she was hysterical. Obviously, it was a complete hot mess but it is the funniest, most Carter-like thing I’ve ever seen and I fully approve.

To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about Olivia Wilde’s dress. I love the sparkles–sequins are my calling, but I don’t know about the full skirt. I guess I will side with the good, though tentatively.

Overall, the show would have been better if Jon Hamm had been on screen the entire time. This is the goofiest picture of him and I love it–he’s my man.

Despite the fact that he is engaged to this woman (….), Armie Hammer is my future husband and I want to announce it here so that everyone is aware that he is mine. Clear? It better be.

I wasn’t aware that Jesus had been invited to the Globes. Who knew.

And on that note of Christian Bale needing a haircut (and I love him and think he’s gorgeous he just needs a little (big) trim), I shall leave this post be. It’s been a long one, but a fun one. Look forward to the exact same posts for the Oscars!! Get ready.

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