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A Star Is Born

I watched this movie last night and I really only have a few things to say about it.

Judy Garland is amazing–her voice absolutely astounds me and I’ve been singing “The Man Who Got Away” for the past 24 hours and probably will be singing it for the next week as well. She will always be amazing.

The movie is about three hours long in it’s restored version and this is TOO LONG. People, that is Lord Of the Rings long. Remember that movie? Remember how the only reason we could get through it really was because of the intense fight scenes, the neverending plot introductions, Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen? (mostly those two at the end…). Well, this movie doesn’t have that. It’s SO bloated, and can retain it’s weight.

It is a very sad story, and it’s worth watching because it is a classic, but it’s almost not worth watching because of the weight. The performances are very good (James Mason is also exceptional, he just, you know, doesn’t sing), but by the end you kind of want to yell, CAN YOU PLEASE JUST DIE ALREADY SO I CAN MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE?! There are a bunch of scenes that could’ve been cut, including the singing numbers (which of course were added because of Garland).

This is not really a review, but overall: Great performances, good story, much much MUCH too long.

Just a quick movie nerd thing: there are SO many Singin’ In The Rain instances in this film. If you ever watch it, make sure to watch the very beginning and how it’s incredibly similar to the very opening of Rain. Also, one of Garland’s dance numbers has her going to a variety of agents and them saying no to her as a new talent, which is EXACTLY what happens in the long, dramatic dance scene with Gene Kelley at the end of Rain. In addition, at one point, Mason says “I’m fit as a fiddle and ready for love”, which is, guess what?! A SONG IN RAIN! So, in case you’re a nerd like me, decide to watch this film and get a little bored with it’s length, watch out for those because it’ll entertain you throughout the second hour.



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