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Last night I ventured out into the movie world with my sister for some stupid but fun entertainment. With those requirements, we were led to a showing of the film Burlesque.

The movie was just as we expected it to be. To be honest, it was better than I thought since I had been reading so much negative press about it. Starring Christina Aguilera, Cher, Stanley Tucci and Kristen Bell, it’s the story of a girl wanting to be a dancer in a club named Burlesque, ending up becoming a singing star there. My recommendation for the whole film? Cut out the talking. Aguilera is a fantastic singer–the dance numbers are great and really fun, but throughout the beginning when she’s not singing and the parts when they actually feel the need to bother you with dialogue it’s a nightmare. Every once in a while Stanley Tucci comes out and says a few lines and you go, oh! there’s the good actor! Otherwise, it’s horrible.

It was good silly fun though–the costumes are flashy, the music is loud, and reality is suspended, well, a lot. It’s good for a night out in which you don’t want to think, cry, or show emotion. Aguilera’s voice is absolutely incredible and her songs are terrific. Cher’s voice is a little shot, or at least not what it used to be, and in comparison to Aguilera’s, which is full, strong and unparalleled, it sounds weak and empty. Her two performances aren’t great, which may be due more to the songs than to her actual singing.

While we’re waiting for the rest of the Holiday movies to come out, it’s a good interlude, but since The King’s Speech and Black Swan are soon to be released I would recommend maybe saving your cash for those.

Overall: Fun dancing and singing, but would have been better as a prolonged music video instead of a full blown movie.

Rating: 2/5 stars


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