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St. Netflix

Since I’m in college and funds are running extremely low, movies have become a little out of the question. And since movies often take too much time to watch in one sitting, I have found my new vice: TV.

I do own a TV (it’s a nice 19 inch flat screen that my father purchased for me so graciously), and since my room is so friggin’ small I have nowhere to put it. So who have I turned to? The newest holy entity in my book, St. Netflix. This wonderful device has filled many hours so far in my college career, and has (somewhat) replaced my yearning for the over-salted popcorn and reclining chair experience of a film.

Drop Dead Diva: This is the ultimate chick-….. damnit I can’t say flick. Um, chick fluff? Alright, you come up with something and let me know. It’s at the top of my stupid yet entertaining TV list. The pilot follows an aspiring model who dies in a car accident. When she goes to be judged as to whether she goes to heaven, or you know… not, she hits the illegal return button and ends up back on earth–in someone elses’ body. Deb, the woman whom she returns as is a plus-sized attorney. So now, she’s smart, a workaholic, and also a little bigger in the britches. There’s a lot of silly fun about clothes, and of course your typical office romance, but there’s also a lot of empowerment of bigger woman and realizations about people’s size. Stupid show, good time, great message.

Misfits: Ever seen Skins UK? Well, first of all, I recommend that you rush out immediately to go watch all four seasons (yeah there’s a fifth season but it doesn’t count and usually I refuse to speak of it). If you have seen Skins, Misfits is the obvious next step. It’s about a group of British kids who get hit by an enormous storm and end up having super powers. Missing the drugs, sex and drama that followed the characters of Skins around? Well, it’s right here, only now they’re superheros (…kind of). The best part is htat this show is still on TV so when you’ve gone through all of the episodes available on hulu you still have more to look forward to.

Desperate Housewives: I’m only about four episodes into this show and I’m aware that I’m the last person on the planet to discover it, but it is fabulous. It’s funny and witty and also dramatic and suspenseful. It follows a lot of common themes in every day life and yet also mixes in some surprises in a very realistic way. I love the lying, affairs and cheating, as well as the backstabbing and competition. It’s very stylized in a Mad Men kind of way. No, it’s not a period piece, but if you’ve ever seen the show you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say they have similar tones. This show also is still on TV and so even though I’ve got about seven more seasons to go through before I’m done, when I am I’ve got real time to look forward to.

In addition to this, some of my favorite shows like Modern Family, House and 30 Rock are coming back to TV soon!

What is everyone else watching on TV? What shows are you looking forward to coming back?

Oh yeah, remember Mad Men? Only my favorite TV show of all time, and the best thing to have ever happened? It doesn’t come back until next year. You should probably go sob a little. It’s a tragedy.


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