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Don’t Want no Paper Gangstah

So, I haven’t blogged in a very long time, and I still haven’t seen any movies in far too long of a time so that won’t be the subject of my most recent post. Instead of movies, I’ll talk about me! Which I know is what really interests you guys the most, because I’m actually fascinating. So let’s take a look at what has been going on in the life of me lately…

The Promise of Winter Break: Only a few more finals and I’m done! I have only three finals, despite my four classes and I’m so excited. Although it will require a lot of studying, as well as a lot of time dedicated to writing papers which will accompany these finals it will be worth it to get to winter break and get hang out in my house enjoying hot chocolate, my friend and my city. Boston, I love and miss ya. Can’t wait to peruse the Garden, walk around with tourists in Faneuil Hall, get hot chocolate after falling over ice skating in the Frog Pond, tromping through the Theater District and gazing around at Harvard Square.

Christmas!: And on that note… I can not wait for Christmas! Of course I love the day, but the month of December is one of my favorites. I love all of the decorations, the music on the radio, the Starbucks Christmas cups, the lights gleaming in the snow (when it finally snows…), and the general good feeling of the whole time. I can’t wait to decorate the tree with my family and listen to a Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack on repeat for hours.

Dirty Chais: I had never heard of this phenomenon before heading to NYC to hang with my good friend Hannah. I encountered them at The Bean, a fantastic little coffee shop near her dorm, and was quickly hooked. Fortunately, or, possibly unfortunately (at least for my bank account) I have figured out that they in fact make these delectable drinks at my own school! The “dirty” part of the chai is a shot of espresso. It’s absolutely delicious and the perfect fall drink!

Gummies: Influenced originally by my friend Cora I have fallen into the gummy craze. This craze, I am almost positive, is only within the three of us that feel the need to eat them all the time, but it’s a craze all the same. Whether they’re fruit gummies or lifesaver gummies, I am there and ready to go! I only wish they have gummi bears… that would really make my day.

Soccer: My school is in the process of building a new gym which will be open in January. It’s going to be pristine–beautiful and top of the line. But for now the gym is disgusting. It’s cramped and old and smelly. To avoid this dreadful place, my friend Francesca and I have taken to playing soccer outside! It’s great exercise, and despite the fact that it was 40 degrees outside today, it’s a blast, as long as you bundle up!

New Classes: Although I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes this semester, it’s time to move on. Next semester I’m taking some really interesting classes which include History of Ancient Medicine, Gender in 20th Century Art, Intro to Art History (which I kind of skipped and took a 200 level art history class this semester anyway…) and an English class entitled Post Colonization Literature and Film. Can’t wait!

Ukelele Anthem: I am SO obsessed with Amanda Palmer and have been for years. Recently she put out a song called Ukelele Anthem that I absolutely love . I can not wait for her next solo album. Although I love the Dresden Dolls, Palmer’s solo songs always hit home a little more, were always a little more emotional, and overall I think a little more emotional overall, though both will always have a place in my heart. My sister recently put a version of this on youtube that has gotten a lot of traffic, especially after being noticed by Amanda Palmer herself on twitter! Go check it out, my sister is uber talented and the song is fantastic! Click here to join in on the craze!

11/22/63: This new Stephen King novel is killer. It’s a historical fiction about a man who travels back in time to save the life of John F. Kennedy. It’s almost 1,000 pages long which may seem a little intimidating but it flies by. Last night I read 150 pages before I was able to put it down and go to bed. And as much as I love King I have to admit that it’s not exactly heavy reading, so no worries, you won’t need your dictionaries while flipping through it. But the story is riveting, and it’s the first King novel in a while I’ve been able to dig into and not compare to his former stuff. Set in Maine, as you read the story becomes more and more Stephen King as he references his own works (including Shawshank Redemption, It and a few others). It’s a great story that moves extremely quickly despite the length.

Well, I’m sure there’s more going on in my life than that… what do you want me to talk about in my blog? I know I’m slacking but in order for me to not I need inspiration!! Let me know readers!


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