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What I’m Diggin’…

I haven’t done one of these in a while and I thought I would. I’m gonna do an upcoming movies post soon for the upcoming Winter season, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. So this first.

Thanksgiving: My town, Needham, has the longest running football rivalry with the neighboring town Wellesley. The football is held on Thanksgiving, and this is the 123rd annual game. As the drum major of the marching band, this game is basically what our entire season builds up to. I’m so incredibly excited and so incredibly sad at the same time. As a senior, this will be my last year in the band, and my last time conducting the half time show. I have enjoyed it so much and can’t wait for it because it’s going to be fantastic! Oh yeah, and I really like turkey too.

Senior Year: Almost no homework, missing class every other day for things like cap and gown fittings and pep rally videos? I think YES! This year has been fantastic so far and I hope it continues along those lines.

My Mac: While I have been vehemently opposed to macs in the past I’ve seen how idiotic that is and I love my new computer. So much.

Birthday: On the 17th I turned 18, and who doesn’t love birthdays?? In addition to going to Cabot’s (local ice cream joint) with the band, I went to Grill 23 with my family and a few of my best friends. It was a fantastic time and I hope they know how much I appreciate them celebrating it.

The Virgin Suicides: I’m currently reading this novel by Jeffrey Eugenides and have absolutely fallen in love. I highly recommend it, and I hope to move on to Middlesex as soon as I’m finished this one.

Watching…30 Rock, House, Lie to Me ૐ Reading…The Virgin Suicides, The Blind Assassin, Flappers ૐ Listening…Florence in the Machine, Mumford & Sons, Sara Barielles ૐ Eatingnothing as usual, I’m allergic to all foods on the planet, mostly Starbucks drinks  ૐ Wishing…that the guy I like so desperately would show some sign of actually liking me back  ૐ Loving…soups, seltzer, having free time, Thanksgiving break ૐ Anticipating… mostly holiday season movies! but that has to wait for the next post :]

So there you have it. That’s my life right now I suppose. I’m hoping my next post will be soon and actually about movies–haha.


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