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Bissman 219

Hello, and welcome to my dorm room!

Although I moved in about a month ago, I haven’t gotten around to really putting up the final touches until recently, and even then I’m not sure I’m exactly happy with the way I have it. Of course, it’s tough when you live in Bissman Hall. Here is a dialogue that is typical for someone who lives in this dorm:

Student: where do you live?

Me: Bissman.

Student: oh… I’m sorry!


Student: *wince* Ohhhh that’s rough.


Student: *giggles* oh.

So you can see that it’s not exactly the most fabulous of dorms. Yes, it’s tiny. Yes, it retains heat. YES it is annoying that it used to be the Greek dorm and so there are random holes in the walls from where they got drunk and probably ran into the walls with a pole form who knows where or just punched it with their arms, thereby breaking both the wall and their hands. But it’s still my home for this year so I have tried to make the best of it.

My bed and posters. I have a plethora of Marilyn Monroe pictures (one of which I acquired in Prague and absolutely adore). I also have quite a few Alfons Mucha prints, which also are from Prague. I ADORE his work, in it’s art nouveaus style.

My desk. Another Mucha, some Celtics pride, the usual. I’ve got some pretty bitchin’ milk cartons for my book shelves…

Just a few of the many pictures I decided to bring with me. Of course one of me and my fabulous best friend Hannah looking classy at prom, as well as one of my sister in scuba gear (because let’s face it, she’s always in scuba gear in some form or another) and my mom when I was a baby (wasn’t she a HOTTY?!).

Some of my hallmates and I before heading out to a RAVEEEEEE. We be gettin’ crazy.

A C.O.W. (student –me) with a cow!! We went to the Wayne County Fair and got to hang with all of the farm animals… I love cows. I think they’re beautiful, with their enormous, peaceful eyes. They seem so relaxes and insightful…


I had another picture of my closet but of course it turned out upside down for some strange reason…

What are your dorm rooms like? Are they as horribly small as mine is? What farm animals have you been hanging out with lately?


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